-Outreaches throughout the U.S.A. creating positive impact in their communities-





-YOA and CEO believe in promoting those organizations who are positively impacting their communities through outreach and initiatives-





-Communities must unite in order to establish stronger communities one family at a time.  Based off availability our offices travel throughout the U.S.A. and promote outreaches that positively influence their communities.  Based on availability only-


Community Outreaches throughout U.S.A.

Our youth today are facing many obstacles that were not present during our generation.  From access to unsavory content on the Internet to teen pregnancy to the obesity epidemic facing our youth, we as a community must realize and address the challenges facing our youth today.

We are extremely optimistic this new venture will not only bring a community outreach, but more importantly focus on building up our youth with an understanding through application on what it is to become successful in today’s society.  

Youth will be given the opportunity to create and produce social consciousness content engineered to produce + change. We are excited to revolutionize and impact this generation in a positive and constructive model. 

Examples of media to be taken during your outreach or event:

Photography– Youth focused-Youth driven-Youth inspired pictures to be posted on a variety of social media outlets.

Community Youth Initiatives – Organizations focusing on youth initiatives will have the ability to share their initiatives while our offices conduct an interview style setting, tour, or informative short video of your organizations initiatives.

Short Interviews:  Ability to have short 30 seconds to 1 minute video of your organizations outreaches or events.

Youth Driven Involvement and Participation  – Projects include script writing and acting lessons for the youth to be involved in any media clips stated above with proper notification and preparation.  Based on availability.

Disclosure –  We are not a professional media and production company and this outreach is to help build relationships with the youth of our generation and develop creative ways to establish partnerships for the longevity of this initiative.  

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Contact our offices to set up a consultation in regard to your upcoming event to see if our offices have the availability to provide media services for your events.



Christ Executive Officer Inc. is a non-profit 501 © 3 organization gearing it’s primarily focus on the Youth of America through a diversity of programs such as (1) teaching youth business procedures in order to be successful in today’s society. (2) Providing food and coat drives, (3) drama plays, (4) community festivals, (5) college education, and other ways to reach ones full potential in life demonstrates our social responsiveness to the youth in our community.

Mission Statement with local partners and businesses:

Work with local businesses to promote social responsiveness to the communities in which located. Allow businesses to encourage the youth to become the next leaders of today through Job expos, job tours of what to expect when entering a career or the work force, and providing jobs for the youth of our community. CEO is able to assist local businesses in the area of marketing opportunity and business development and growth through a variety of platforms.

Sponsor a  YOUTH COMMUNITY RESOURCES MEETING for the Youth of our Generation.