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Holiday Outreach Services

Join in our efforts as we reach out communities through a collaboration of efforts that produce + change.

Events to be announced:  We are currently working on outreaches for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday season.

Outreaches will consist of a warm meal, music, and the love and warmth of a caring community reaching out to those in need during the Holiday Seasons.

Stay connected for more information.

Times and Locations: TBD

Interested in donating any clothing items or volunteer assistance email our offices at YOAMOBI@GMAIL.COM subject title Holiday Outreaches 2019

Colorado Homelessness Initiative


Program Curriculum: 4 week program consisting of a 1 hour workshop once a week.

CHI 101:  Self-reflection

CHI 102:  Acceptance and ownership

CHI 103:  Discovering self-sustainability

CHI 104:  Application development 

Times and Locations: TBD

Coming soon in April 2019.

Weekly 1 hour workshops.



Car Shows throughout Colorado


Influence communities through strategic outreaches geared to establish thriving communities.

Stay connected for upcoming events in your area.

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Aurora, Colorado meetings.  Visit ColoradyUnity.us.

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We invite you to upcoming meetings, events, and volunteer opportunities. Contact us below.

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We have the ability to coordinate on a global scale now.  Delay is not an option.

Christ Executive Officer Inc.

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