Effective networking with like-minded initiatives creates stable communities.



Establishing stronger communities one family at a time.



If you organization is creating positive influence in your community contact our offices to see how we can collaborate to establish healthy, productive, and thriving communities.


Community Partners Initiatives



Our offices are continually seeking strategic ways to improve awareness for youth centered initiatives and programs that are positively influencing their communities.

We currently run special promotions throughout the calendar year.

Current outreach:  January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019

Our Partners have the option to inform the community of their efforts.    We are committed to being a crucial and vital point of contact for the youth of this generation to be informed and educated on initiatives that assist in their future growth and successes.

Not all requests will be accepted as this is based off availability, and duration of specific outreaches we are conducting.  

For more information send your organizations specific request with information package of your initiative  to the following email   We try to respond to all requests within 2 weeks of receiving complete packages.  Also refer to Youth Community Resources for more information. 


All participants release Christ Executive Officer/Youth of America (YOA)  its agents, personals, associate, and other associates of any liability, injury, or unpleasant experience as all guests enter into a business transaction individually with providers on this website.  Any illegal activity violating Colorado Law will not be tolerated and providers will be terminated indefinitely from this website with proper measures taken to promote the safety and well fair of the youth of our generation.    

Creative Concepts:

If you need help with branding your idea, strategic implementation, or any other areas of getting your message to the public contact Korgan Enterprises.   

Refer -CEO-YOA-Colorado Unity-referred you for special rates and discounts.


Korgan Youth Mediation

Proven Results:

A new Generation requires a new language.

It is imperative as a community that we establish effective measures of dispute management resolution services.

Mission statements – Effectively resolve the on-going tension facing our students and the educational school systems across the U.S.A.

Understanding the value of humanity – As our generation is perpetually changing we must also be adaptive not only to change but improve our levels of effective communication.  Many of our youth have lost their trust in the educational school system starting with their inability to be heard by their authority figures and peers in establishing effective measures for positive change.  

Execution of Youth Mediation Program – Korgan Youth Mediation program focuses on establishing an environment of awareness, honesty, moral character, and trust that is facing the youth of our generation and the educational school systems in successfully handling a variety of dispute topics.  We look forward to being the mediator of your local school or organization dealing specific with youth concerns and dispute management services.  


Establishing a healthy environment for both the students and the school system administrators to co-inhabit while radically reducing the epidemics and challenges facing our current school system across the U.S.A.

Contact our offices for more information or to become a client.



Reach this generation through a variety of programs.


Founder of H.E.A.T. Dsharp and featuring artists 
Services offered:  
-Networking opportunities
-Programs geared toward juvenile incarceration both internal and external
-Music production, engineering, and other arts geared toward the youth of this generation
-Concert performances including full stage set up and mentoring programs
-We are experts in our field.  Contact us for more information.

As we travel throughout the world and worked with organizations in prison reform include travel to Washington D.C.  We are assured our services will exceed your  expectations and most importantly produce positive change to our target audience.

Booking information:


 For Booking inquire Email: 

Community Support for YOA. Click on pictures of partners to



Multiple locations in Aurora, Colorado.

Pastor Johnson

 Click on image above to view more information on this ministry. 

Harvest Christian Community Church


 7125 W. 44th Ave. (9.19 mi)
Wheat Ridge, Colorado 80033 

Sr. Pastor Kathy King

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Supporting the needs and voices of the YOA is part of DSOC MEDIA GROUP dna.

Dayton Street Opportunity Center


1445 Dayton St. Aurora, CO  80010

Your Organization Here


 Impacting communities one family at a time. 

Your Organization Here


 Impacting communities one family at a time. 



To know Jesus and make Him known to the lost world by reaching and teaching mean, women, and children thorough principles as taught by the Word of God, so they may experience a true lifestyle of transformation through the Power of Jesus Christ. 

Service Times:

Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m.

Wednesday Bible Studies at 7:00 p.m.

We welcome all denominations and visitors.



Mission: We provide quality affordable housing, career pathways and life skills to prepare and impact families in order to purchase a home of their own, so they never have to live on the streets or in a shelter again.

Problem: A lack of security, courage, and certainty prevents families from thriving financially, emotionally, and spiritually in Denver, Colorado.




Elite 24 is one  of the most diverse and growing performance training programs in  Denver's DTC area. We believe an elite athlete is an athlete that  cultivates top performance on and off the field. While Strength, power,  and agility play key factors on the field. Nutrition and education are  just as important. E24 focuses on the core values of fitness and  performance to ignite the elite athlete in all of our members. Our  trainers hold degrees and certifications in their given area of  expertise and not only have studied in their fields but are athletes as  well, giving Elite 24 athletes daily advantages when in pursuit of the  top performer within them. Our training and nutritional advice allows  athletes to drive themselves in both the mental and physical capacity  towards their goals and beyond. We strive for perfection, develop  skills, and nurture the body to perform at its peak level. Through  mentor-ship, diet-education, fitness tracking, and effort Elite 24  members are able to reach beyond plateaus during their training. Whether  your goal is to make varsity, college, be a pro athlete or to keep up  with your health, we guarantee professional service with high quality  results. At Elite 24 we don't just train. We raise the bar on peak  performance.  




Owner:  Tony Hall9501 E. Union Ave, Greenwood Villge, CO  80111(843) 407-8743 



Christ Executive Officer Inc. is a non-profit 501 © 3 organization gearing it’s primarily focus on the Youth of America through a diversity of programs such as (1) teaching youth business procedures in order to be successful in today’s society. (2) Providing food and coat drives, (3) drama plays, (4) community festivals, (5) college education, and other ways to reach ones full potential in life demonstrates our social responsiveness to the youth in our community.

Mission Statement with local partners and businesses:

Work with local businesses to promote social responsiveness to the communities in which located. Allow businesses to encourage the youth to become the next leaders of today through Job expos, job tours of what to expect when entering a career or the work force, and providing jobs for the youth of our community. CEO is able to assist local businesses in the area of marketing opportunity and business development and growth through a variety of platforms.

Sponsor a  YOUTH COMMUNITY RESOURCES MEETING for the Youth of our Generation.