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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and expand our global presence. Your generous donation will fund our mission.  All donations are tax deductible under Colorado 501 (c) 3 law.

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Your support and donations are tax deductible and assist in the numerous programs that will allow our youth to have access to the resources and equipment required to develop ongoing products and services to our community. Tshirt design, media design, productions, outreaches, and other programs ran throughout the year.

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CHALLENGE: Obtain a CEO-YOA merch and provide a random act of kindness and surprise a youth with a t-shirt or other item we create throughout the year. You will experience life changing gratitude as we unite to establish stronger communities’ one family at a time while investing in the next leaders of today.

YOA.MOBI has Arrived! Unique styles TBA.

Official YOA.MOBI launch.

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